Political Science

A corollary of the definition of life is the following:

Reproductive entities such as governments have an internal volume of communication, which occurs between individuals and is required to keep the behavior of the internal components coordinated, so that they do not destroy one another but work together. Ideally, internal components are potentially able to communicate with all other internal components.  Internal communication is where external energy and matter is converted into a volume of internal order. and the internal order is converted into work energy. The work energy is expended internally, to maintain internal order (to communicate internally), and externally, to obtain external energy and matter (to communicate externally). 

Such entities have a surface area of communication -- the exterior, the foreign, and also (I believe) the land of or controlled by the government and its citizens. This is the external world from which the governmental entity obtains energy and matter.

The most stable ratio between volume and surface area is that of a sphere, volume3/surface area 2 .  Add one dimension for time to both exponents and arrive at a ratio of volume4/surface area 3, or Kleiber's law.

When the entity deviates from a spherical ratio, communication among internal components becomes isolated and specialization can occur. While specialization can have benefits, it is also possible for the isolated components to no longer communicate with other components they used to share a larger entity with, resulting in dysfunction, destruction (cancer is an example) and, in rare circumstances outside of cell division, such as speciationseparation of one or even both entities. 

Increasing the rate of internal communication, such as through socially constructed language (speech, writing, etc.) and now computer-driven media, allows the internal volume to expand and the external surface area to grow larger.

As populations and governmental entities grow larger, internal communication must outstrip external communication by the volume4/surface area 3 relationship. When it does not (which happens), the reproductive entity becomes unstable. 

Commonly, "the right" criticizes government for growing in a non-linear manner. This happens because the internal volume increases faster than external surface area. Commonly, "the left" underestimates the cost of internal communication within the reproductive entity.