This is a subnuke. It is buried in the ground, the trumpet comes up to the surface. A subterranean nuclear breeder reactor spins in a toroid at the bottom (look for the two ovals on the right), producing heat, a moving magnetic field, and plutonium. Solid state thermocouples (the rods) surround the reactor and generate electricity from the heat and the moving magnetic field without any moving parts. Electromagnets ring the interior of the trumpet, again, without moving parts.  Solid state refrigerators use electrons to transport heat, without moving parts, cooling the ends of the thermocouples and the interior of the trumpet. 

The electromagnets transport power to the surface in the form of moving magnetic fields. 

In addition to generating carbon-free power, the trumpets will also be used as massive, nuclear powered railguns. 

The railguns will spit large quantities of material into orbit (yellow missiles are illustrated, below), allowing the operator to generate carbon-free power and to dominate space, both of which are desired. This is one of many ideas in Apokalypsis.