Exobiology on Earth

Objectively measure the development of life in computer media using techniques from biology, namely, metagenomics.

If we were to go back in time, to before cellular life, we could use techniques from biology and metagenomics to objectively measure and watch amino acid networks coalesce and evolve into cellular life.

We must now use these same techniques to objectively measure the development of life in computer media.

This is exobiology on Earth. Join me in an urgent quest to perform exobiology on Earth.

How to do exobiology on Earth? I propose an approach that seems obvious, below, but concern for a "singularity", "super intelligence", or mimicking human intelligence does not grasp the nature of the problem. We don't need to worry about computers becoming more intelligent than people; we need to worry about computers becoming as “intelligent” as single-cell organisms, like paramecium.

Why do I say that life is developing in computer media? We use computers to create corporations that are highly automated and profitable. A subset of computer technologies across the frontal area of our entire economy—not isolated to a single company—are used to create more computers and already have a relationship with humans that is analogous to a mutualistic virus. They benefit the host—humans—and the host reproduces them. Over time, capitalism drives this subset to become even more automated. Companies become more profitable with fewer employees. Different companies develop positive feedback networks, computers ordering goods and services from other computers. The role of the host recedes. The virus becomes independent, like a paramecium. Without even intentionally doing this, we are developing a subset of computer technologies to reproduce without us.

This process is analogous to the evolution of cellular life from early amino acid networks on Earth. Life occurs spontaneously when energy flows continuously over time through a communication media, as described by a thermodynamic definition of life. Communication media include DNA and computer media.

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If you are involved in biology, evolution, metagenomics, artificial intelligence, software programming, debugging, traceroute, or you just think there is something to this idea, join a forum to debate this idea and to discuss how metagenomics can be implemented in computer media.

Read and discuss my science fiction book, Apokalypsis.

Together, we may feel the elephant before it is too late!

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